YAhoo! Literature!

Young Adult Literature. Sounds so simple, and yet it is a complicated and beautiful maze to help teens get through all of the problems they may face. I know all I read in high school was YA. I didn’t realize back then what it was doing, but looking back now I realize that it was truly helping me with experiences as a teenager.

A blog provided for reading by my professor, (which wordpress will not copy the link to?!) really was wonderful, The Young Adult Tropes that Ate the World by Shannon Hale. She is able to dig deep and realize what YA is truly for and what helped me understand this concept of YA being for teens because of all the points in it. She brings up all of the characters who fall in love too fast or the love triangles. You cannot be mad at that being written in a book. It is REAL life situations that are written about.

This is me. 9th grade. I wanted a picture with my favorite book. Sorry for potato.

Though it is no where near my favorite book right now I will probably bring up Twilight quite a bit because as I said in my first blog it was really the turning point in my life that kept me reading beyond what was assigned. When I was in junior high and high school I felt like I was the average girl. I could talk with anyone in my small school. I didn’t really “hang” with any of them but I had a few friends. There was a stint in early high school my group called ourselves the “normies” showing you where we thought we stood as a group. When I first read Twilight Bella was the average brunette girl who had something amazing happen to her. I could see myself as this average girl in school, and then the rest was just something amazing that I knew couldn’t happen outside of this book, but it gave me hope to find my Edward one day (which I did!).

This is my “Edward” his name is Nolan. Isn’t he cute 🙂

I prefer fiction, and I suppose you would say fantasy, YA books. My all time favorite series even to this day are the Infernal  Devises Series written by Cassandra Clare. She creates this amazing world, and it is one that made me laugh and made me cry. I have lived in this world for hours upon hours. (read it 3 times and counting).

One area I need to probably read more is non-fiction. I do not enjoy it, but it is important in my growth as a reader and future teacher. I don’t usually pay attention to the author as I pick my books so I am truly not sure how diverse my author base is so I should probably pay more attention to that as well. Besides that I plan on getting more knowledge about the students I will be teaching, and expanding the love for reading I already have.




6 thoughts on “YAhoo! Literature!

  1. I chuckled a bit when it was Twilight that got you into reading. I never got into the “sparkly vampire” craze, although Mom was on Team Jacob. More power to you, and rock on!


      1. It would have to be Berenstain Bears chapter books from when I was a kid. Their drama was entertaining for seven year-old me.


    1. For me its because I’ve always liked vampires more than werewolves. And I guess because of the bond between them in the first one really stuck with me and him leaving didn’t make me like Jacob. Though in the movies Jacob wasn’t awful to look at ha-ha! We’re you team Jacob?


      1. I wasn’t team anyone really. I couldn’t get on board with the Twilight craze at first because Bella’s inability to live as an independent individual after meeting Edward was confusing and troubling. After I became a teenager and began looking more into why it had made me uncomfortable, I realized how problematic the series really was, and somehow I had subconsciously shied away from it.


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