Mind Map of Zach from Doll Bones

Doll Bones by Holly Black is just haunting enough to keep you interested. It has an interesting story line and parts that make you jump everytime a random noise happens around you. I chose to map the mind of the main character Zach.




I am doing this mind map on Zach from Doll Bones by Holly Black.

I chose the sail boat because he enjoys the thought of pirates and plays on e in their game and then actually pirates and sails a boat towards the end of the book. Also it is a metaphor for him playing and staying young at heart.

I chose the pirate action figure because it is one thing he loved and had ripped from him. It is something that caused him to change drastically and leads him to be closer to growing up. It also leads to him lying which leads to Poppy starting the whole adventure by taking the “Queen” out of her tower.

I chose the basketball because it is something he enjoys to do and it is something that causes him to be different from the girls. It also is a way to show his growing up. It is a more grown up thing than playing. He also does it because he enjoys it and has other friends there.

I chose the word “quest” because that is the whole theme for the book. They are going on a final “quest” as a group and call it that repeatedly. It is their last quest as a group before everything changes.

I chose the word “queen” because it is what causes them to go on the quest. She started out as a part of their game, but they all realize she truly is a spirit haunting them and must get her buried so she can rest and not haunt them. It is also a metaphor for burying the childish games and moving on to more grown up things.

Leading to my last word “growing-up”. This whole thing was about fighting to stay young even though growing up is going to happen no matter what. It is about friendships that will last through time  and through the whole growing up process. Zach and Alice pass through as more than friends. Poppy feels they will leave her behind because she is not ready to grow up while the other two are slowly moving towards that.

Though it doesn’t look the nicest it has deep meaning behind each word and picture in the little head there. Thanks for reading!




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