Avengers Assemble!


Our book club met for the first time a week and a half ago. Our first order of business was to decide our name. We decided the name “Avengers” so we could assemble! One thing that was mentioned to me was how much of a fitting name it is. The Avengers are a diverse group that get together. None of them bring the same thing to the table and it works out well for all of them. We are a diverse group who bring new ideas together. Pictured above is an awesome hoodie I found in the CSC school colors with the Avengers logo on it, so naturally I bought it! We then came up with our goals and guidelines. Leaving with a long list of books to narrow down for our first book.

We all were able to get along very well. There was no arguing, and we all respected other opinions. I am super excited to meet again and actually discuss a book. I am also excited because that book is Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. It is a touching book and an easy read. Anything by her is worth your time if you ask me. My favorites are Eleanor and Park and Landline. They both bring back those ooey gooey feelings of first love.

We came up with our goals and rules by allowing people to shout out ideas. We then refined them with the whole groups help. We tried to make sure they were fair, and also kept them fine tuned to the goals of the club. We will come up with the next book at the beginning of the next club! An hour just doesn’t seem like a long enough time to get all of it done! I am looking forward to getting together with everyone again and discussing all there is to discuss!




10 thoughts on “Avengers Assemble!

  1. Yes, go Avengers! I’m so happy with our book club; it’s already so much fun! I like your point about how the Avengers are diverse and bring different things to the table. I couldn’t agree more! I’m excited to look at our list and pick the next book. Eleanor & Park was amazing! I can’t wait to “assemble” on Tuesday!! 🙂


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