Love for Reading


How many of you hated reading in high school? Required reading, or even reading books for fun. I remember talking to people who questioned why I read books so in turn I would question why they didn’t. Though I did not enjoy most of the books required of us in class I still read them, and got through them. I was able to muddle through them slowly, but it was for the grade. I wanted to be a good student, but I didn’t enjoy reading them. So if we aren’t teaching students to love what they read on their own how can we expect them to get through what we assign them?  Most of the books that get assigned during high school are classics that most students don’t connect with. When teachers give students books they can connect with and get them into books then they are more open to reading more things. We also cannot allow them to not push themselves. They need diversity just like we are doing in Adolescent Lit. People need to push their boundaries, step out of comfort zones. In order for that to happen they first need to be comfortable somewhere. It is important to start them as early as possible in liking what they read, so it can be okay for them to go more in depth in other books such as classics.

I know when someone tells me to do something my drive to do it goes down. It is the same with students and school. It was interesting to watch the video by Penny Kittle about students not reading until in her class she had them read books they wanted. I read everything assigned, and I read books outside of classes like crazy. Though I knew many who didn’t read in or out of class. It also stuck with me that she talked with other teachers who assumed only 20% of their students read. This isn’t right, though when I started thinking about teaching I assumed there would be students who won’t read. She says it is up to us, we are the ones to be held accountable, for our students reading. It is a big question of how to do this while sticking with the curriculum you are expected to teach, and making sure to keep students interested enough, and keeping teachers accountable. Important things to think about…




4 thoughts on “Love for Reading

  1. We as future teachers need to reach the 80% that are not reading (like me) and encourage the 20% (like you) that are. Allowing choice is so important and we need to challenge every reader, not just those who struggle. A great reader should be challenged every now and then to expand their horizons and not allowed to only read “brain candy.”


  2. Love the meme 🙂 I was thinking while reading Kittle that it is my responsibility to get my students to read and it kinda overwhelmed me. How do I get students to be interested in Shakespeare or Mark Twain when all they really want to be doing is texting their friends? At least I have some time to figure it out.


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