Little Peach: Book Review


First off 10/10. In all honesty I would have never EVER picked up this book on my own. It is what we decided for book club’s next read because we wanted some diversity in what we had been reading. Well this is definitely diverse. I will recommend this novel to anyone who asks for something to read. It is not a light-hearted teen novel though. She very tastefully digs deep into a problem that is prevalent in larger cities and maybe even a little in smaller cities. She tells the truth about what is going on in a way that gets her point across without being raunchy. (*SPOILERS AHEAD) Michelle aka Little Peach, is a 14 year old who runs from home after her grandfather dies because her mom cannot take care of her. She wants to find her friend in New York she instead finds a pimp. Not really understanding the world she has just entered she thinks she has found a new family and goes along with anything her “daddy” tells her to do because unlike her mother he actually wants her there. This is a big part of the novel that gets repeated, “see mama I found a family that wants me.” The hardest part to read was about Baby. She is 12 years old and has sick Pedos who come to visit her. In the end Michelle realizes what she has gotten into and goes to find help at a hospital after being viciously attacked by her “daddy”. We never find out what actually happens to her, but there is hope for her. We feel like she may be able to get out though there is no guarantee. There is really no happy ending to this story, but with the hope it makes the reader feel not so hopeless about Michelle’s condition. Though it keeps you thinking about the real world way after you have read the last word. It teaches that you cannot save everyone sometimes you just need to save yourself. Which is a very important thing for teens to read and realize. I will have this book available in my classroom.



11 thoughts on “Little Peach: Book Review

  1. I had never come across this title until this week; there has been a lot of chatter on twitter about it. I am glad you did a book review. I now have another TBR on my list.


  2. I’ve seen a lot on Twitter about it too!
    How intense are the scenes? It sounds really good, but I am personally wary when it comes to violence and sexual violence.


  3. Wow! Sounds like an interesting book, as you said, definitely not a light read. The value of young adult literature is in tackling tough topics to help young people find their way through the maze of life.


  4. That’s a tough read, especially for parents who have lost a child because of a runaway. I cannot say I will put this book on my to read list, to painful. Thank you for sharing your review.


  5. Thank you for the book review. I have been hearing this title being mentioned, but hadn’t looked into it yet. It does sound like a very intense read, but sometimes I enjoy these deeper story lines. Thanks for the brief outline!


  6. Thanks for this review. I had heard the title before and was curious. Plus, I overheard talk about this when you guys were reading it. Now that I have seen such a solid review, I may have to try it. Thank you for adding to my never-ending TBR list.


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