I think what troubles me most about publishing companies not being as diverse as the country is there are a lot of people who don’t have something to connect with. Everyone needs a book they can read and see themselves in. Half of the fun of reading is being able to put yourself into the book, and for some that is simply not possible because of the simple fact that there are no books about them. If you read many books that open into a world where you don’t exist why would you ever take the time to keep reading? You wouldn’t. It is important we allow books for all types of people. Whether it be books looking at race or gender or sexuality. They need to have a book to go to and think “hey I am not alone in this feeling” and that is important to me.

Books also teach us a lot about the world, and how it works. For a lot of young kids they are getting a skewed look at the world. They are getting a picture that their background is not important. They are seeing the fact that whites are dominant. It is our job as educators to ensure all students feel like they are important, and keep diversity alive and well in the classroom. No student is the same as another student, in more ways than just race. We should keep each of the student’s backgrounds in our minds as we plan for our lessons and books for us to read in order to allow for a tolerant classroom.

Though I may not have this issue of no books being for me I cannot imagine not having that to go to. Books are an escape for many people we need to work towards a world where any child has their share of books they can run to when the world is getting too scary to handle.



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  1. You made some fantastic points about how publishing companies needing to be as diverse as the demographic they represent and provide books for. When companies don’t recognize someone in books, they are saying “your story is not important to us”. Everyone has an important story that can be told. Everyone needs something to identify with.


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