Social Media and Reading


When I think of social media I think of quick 140 character tweets, or maybe a quick listed blog post to flash through not as a guide to help me find books to read. This week I learned my lesson. Though social media still has these as options it also has opened a world of other options such as Good Reads and Pinterest. I found so many useful pages I didn’t know existed. Pinterest was always somewhere I went to find recipes I will never make, and clothes I could never afford, but when you look deep enough it has many resources for readers to use.

In today’s world teens are glued to their phones, laptops, and tablets. So in order to survive reading had to be updated, and places to get books had to change. Though the old ways are still available with social media there is so much more out there to find and use. Such as Good Reads with this site you are able to rate books, and get suggestions from the site for what else to read. You can friend others and see what they have been reading. You can also write book reviews for books you may or may not have liked to help others with similar tastes decide to read it or not. In turn you can read the reviews to a book before you spend time reading it. With such amazing resources at the finger tips reading should not be such a difficult thing to do. With Amazon even you can find and buy books cheaply without waiting for the Scholastic Book Fair at your school. The internet has opened the world of reading up so much. Even with Twitter or WordPress you can search for other people who are reading and writing about the same things as you, and they can be from somewhere clear across the ocean. Readers have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to all of these wonderful sites.

With my research this week I have decided to look into the Lunar Chronicles they seem to be quite popular. It is an interesting new world twist on old fairy tales that I grew up with. It should be a fun read!



5 thoughts on “Social Media and Reading

  1. You brought up a very good point about reviews. Another good thing about social media and books is that it allows for readers to connect in real time to discuss themes, ideas, whatever related to the book. It even allows them to potentially connect with the author to discuss the book or series. Great post!


  2. I think recipes and home decor with Pinterest too. I am excited to look into books there now too! And I really liked the Lunar Chronicles (I read them 2-3 years ago so cannot give more info than that. But if I at least recognize the book by name and remember I liked it, that means it was very good!:o))


  3. Booksource is a very good way to find titles that are at the forefront. Booksource sells book collections to teachers. They are too pricey to afford as a whole, but they show what books are in the collections, and it can be a good way to keep up with the publishing world.


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