YALSA’s The Hub


The link above is for those readers who are needing a new site to help their addiction. YALSA is an organization that is for libraries and teen readers. They do very important work. They are able to connect adults and teens to lists of books so they can find what to read much faster. They have many different lists for every different genre so all readers can find use on their site.

While looking through the Hub I found a list of Adult Fantasy Fiction (my cup of tea) that teens would enjoy. So it was books written for adults which also were liked by those of the YA generation. One of the books added to my TBR through this list is Shades of Milk & Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal it sounds very interesting. I had never seen it before until I searched this site. I found it very comforting that there were many wonderful books I have already read on their site, but it had so many more books I have never read or even heard of. They also have a reading challenge. They list award winners and other good books then challenge readers to read 25 or more by the middle of the year. Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison this is one book I read forever ago and forgot about. So on top of finding new books it can help you reminisce old books you read.

YALSA is going to be a big help in my life when I am stuck wondering what to read. It can help me make my time at the library last. It is fun to look for hours at books trying to find just the right one, but with college and having a family I don’t always have the luxury of time. So the lists on YALSA’s hub will help me make the most of my trips or even help me figure out what to read next on my tablet. It will also be helpful in a high school classroom with helping other kids decide what to read. You could also challenge your class to the challenge of the year on their site. Give them a list of all books included and see how many from the list the students can read. Add a few to your read aloud list in class based on awards or popularity. It can be helpful both professionally and personally! So glad I was able to become acquainted with it this week!



11 thoughts on “YALSA’s The Hub

  1. The great thing about turning students on to these lists is that selecting a book becomes less overwhelming for them. They have some direction prior to wandering into the library to face thousands of books.


  2. Glad to see you’ve found the discovered and the undiscovered on YALSA. I found a lot of “old” book through the archived lists; made me feel old!


  3. I look forward to going to the library also, I am hoping to bring my granddaughters with more so I can show them the ins and outs at no extra cost. There was so much to take in with the Hub the ALA an YALSA


  4. Not only is YALSA helping me find stuff to read myself, but it is also helping me to find stuff to add to my classroom library. As I move through my TBR list, I have started a Library List from those books and others I find. Great post!


  5. So glad you enjoyed the YALSA lists! I’m a wee bit obsessed and constantly making new TBR lists from the info there. I have to find that Adult Fantasy Fiction list. I’ve recently gotten quite into Adult Fantasy and want to read more. (I absolutely loved Zen Cho’s The Sorceror and the Crown.)


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