Creating Readers

It is hard to want to read when all the books expected of you are boring and have nothing to do with you. I think it is important to keep the students in mind when deciding what to teach in class. Each student needs to feel like they are important, and what they are reading should be as well.

There are many ways for us as teachers to do this. The main one being there for them. Choosing to have them read a few books that are actually fun is great. I think most kids enjoy competitions. So another idea would be to create some fun and friendly competition between classes and books read.

Reading aloud in class would be another good way to get students into reading. By making the reading only about testing what they have read and allowing the students to not even have to read to pass this test is not helping them. We need to bring back the time when reading was fun. The time where you sat criss-cross apple sauce on the rug and sit in rapt attention to the teacher reading an amazing story.

Keeping the students engaged at all times with reading is important so; classroom libraries, lists on YALSA or Amazon, and keeping up with the times for books and what students are reading is one way for us to keep our students engaged with reading.

We need to make sure our students have all the chances possible to be reading. Always have a book ready to pass out and keep everyone reading as much as we can!



3 thoughts on “Creating Readers

  1. I really liked your ideas about how to encourage reading in the classroom, but the competition one might pose some issues. Within a competitive setting, a student who is a slow reader or still struggles might feel ashamed or upset that they are “last” or “losing” or “dragging the team down”. How do we handle such a situation?


    1. I had that thought as I was writing and thought I could adjust based on what I know about my students. also I probably wouldn’t post names it would be classes as a whole and take it by percentages or something I just know we did this in elementary aiming for a party for the winning class and we all really enjoyed some fun competition.


  2. I really like your ideas for encouraging reading and agree with you that different books are going to appeal to different readers, and it has to be our number one priority to develop readers in whatever ways we can!


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