Reading response 13 reasons why!

Reading response for my very busy week!!



8 thoughts on “Reading response 13 reasons why!

  1. I read this book back in middle school and it flew through the hands of my group of friends. We all had to read it and then discuss it and apparently it is going to be turned into a Netflix mini series. I am not sure when but I saw something about it. I ams super pumped because this book did change my perspective about suicide and I really want to see it movie form.


  2. I echo everyone’s thoughts – it certainly is going on my TBR!
    You mention in the comments that it talks about suicide and isn’t very traumatic. Do you think it would be a good way to discuss these difficult issues with teens?
    Thanks for an intriguing review!


    1. I do think it would. Because it shows 13 people who went into her journey. Though blaming them.may not be the best thing it certainly shows that every little action you do can cause harm and it is age appropriate for most high school student

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  3. I have also seen this book around. I have shied from it because of the topic of suicide being a “heavier” topic. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t too traumatizing. Thank you for your insight on the book!


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