Summer Reading!


Reading in the summer was always one of my favorite things to do! My friends would want to go to the pool and when I finally would go with them I always had a book in tow. Summer is great for reading. I love going to sit outside, and allowing myself to “tan” while getting in a good book.

This summer I plan on reading a lot more adult fantasy, and adult fiction. The YA has been a good breather for this semester, but I have found that I truly enjoy novels made for my generation. This is just as important as YA for their age group. It allows for something you can agree with and see yourself in.

To ensure I keep reading I will keep buying books on my Kindle. It allows me to buy without having to leave my house… I am a bit of a home body. This also helps because when you finish a book it comes up with a list of similar books to try! I will probably read most nights after work like I do right now. It is a great time to wind down, and stay away form the electronics before bed time.

I am going to challenge myself to read at least one book a week. This has been probable this semester, and I do not see why it cannot stay a habit throughout the next few months. I have also heard of husbands and wives reading to each other before bed. I may pick out a book, and see if my husband would be up for a reading challenge with me! This would be a great way to spend time together, and allow ourselves to grow as readers. This also will force us to not get lazy because we are leaning on each other to ensure the story gets done.

I have enjoyed this semester, and really cannot wait to continue what I have learned during this time, and keep with it!



6 thoughts on “Summer Reading!

  1. Your one book a week sounds a lot more doable than my one book every two days…we’ll see how long I last! HAHA! I’m glad you’re getting into adult fantasy as it is one of my favorites! You’ll have to let me know how you like it! Hope you have a great summer!


  2. I agree with you that the summer is a great way to find more time for reading books that you enjoy. This class has showed me that I need to get back on track of reading. I read a lot of books one summer, and I haven’t had much of an opportunity since.


  3. Two adult fantasy I read recently-ish and ADORED: Zen Cho’s Sorcerer and Crown and Naomi Novak’s Uprooted. So good! I’m planning to read more adult fantasy (and sci fi!) this summer too but need to find some good books. I’m a really picky reader in those genres because they’re a little outside my comfort zone.


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