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Digital Literacy Importance

Digital Literacy is becoming just as important in the world today as actual literacy. A quick definition of digital literacy is having the necessary knowledge of technology in order to use it properly.

One reason it is so important to start learning digital information so quickly is how much it is used for everything now. Schools have switched from handwritten notes to Chromebooks or Ipads for each student. They all use Google Docs or similar apps in order to do homework, and turn it in. You can get full degrees in school online. Some employers don’t even offer paper applications anymore.

You can’t do any of this if you don’t know how to properly use the technology it takes to do whatever skill is required. These different skills can range from Word to Internet. The more you know the faster you get the information you need. Sometimes it is as simple as knowing how to type, and how to use a mouse to get where you need to go!

My Digital Literacy

I would say I am far from perfect in digital literacy, though I do believe I am digitally fluent. As in if you give me a task I don’t know how to do I can learn quickly based off of other things I know like it. Or the next best option is Google.

I honestly don’t know what people did without Google at their fingertips. I love web surfing, and finding random information. If I think up a weird question I can type it in, and almost always find the answer!

One thing I would love to learn from this class is how to better use my knowledge of the digital world. There are still some things I prefer to do the “old” way. Such as writing with a pencil and paper, and reading good old fashioned books. Where it goes from heavy on one side to heavy on the other. So how could my knowledge of the digital world help me here or help others better?

I think one thing that is important for being a digital learner and leader is learning the information in the best, and fastest route possible (i.e. Ctrl+C instead of right click for Copy). Then to be a good leader you need to pass along this information to others to make their lives simpler.

Test Your Knowledge

The following link is actually very helpful for anyone who wants to test their knowledge of digital literacy, or for anyone who wants to learn a little more from the basics to moderate knowledge. There are different sections to click on incuding Microsoft Excel, information literacy, and many more. You could even receive a literacy certificate for jobs!


An Extra Challenge

Title Meaning

For those of you curious to see what my title means follow the above link, and copy and paste the blog title into the top box, and change the convert drop down to binary numbers to text. See how literate you are!


2 thoughts on “01000100 01001001 01000111 01001001 01010100 01000001 01001100

  1. I like how you said you still like doing somethings the old fashioned way, like reading books and writing with pencil and paper. Even with all of the technology available today, I feel like when I write notes down with pencil and paper, I learn the information better than typing notes into my computer. I also couldn’t agree with you more on how you don’t know how people did it without google. I couldn’t even imagine my life without being able to go to google and type in my question and getting an answer back within seconds. Even though I feel like I know a lot of digital literacy, I know there is a lot more to learn and I am excited that we will get to learn new things together!


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