“School” by Jdog90.

Hackschooling TEDx Talk

If you wouldn’t mind taking just a few minutes to watch the above video. It has wonderful information, and without viewing it you won’t know what I am talking about!

Hacking does have a negative connotation because so many people get in trouble with schools, parents, and even the government for hacking into places they shouldn’t. Well as you can take from the above video that is not all hacking is. Hacking is being able to do something better than before.

I personally have a hard time wrapping my head around all of the changes schools need to make in order to foster happy and healthy children. When he asks why more children haven’t been pulled out of school I thought about that. I don’t have any kids, but if I did would I have pulled them out? Honestly, no. I would do my best to foster more creativity at home, but keep my kids in school like normal.

As he explained his classes and his day I kept thinking how much of an amazing opportunity he has. Especially with the internship! That is valuable life experience, and he is still learning just as much if not more than he would in school while acting on what he is learning. I would have loved that as a kid.

So it may seem confusing why I would have loved it, and see what he does as so amazing, but talk about leaving my kid in traditional school. The reason I think I would make that decision is because I don’t think I could properly do for my kid what Logan has available. It takes a lot for something like that to happen and to work. When it does it truly is powerful, but I don’t know if I would risk it. Which I would assume many other parents were thinking, or had similar thoughts.

The 8 TLC’s are points I think everyone needs to take into consideration. I don’t think it is possible to raise a generation of happy kids if we ourselves cannot do what we are telling them to do. The 8 parts all cover the different bases that lead to being happy and healthy, but most people don’t try in more than one area. If we can teach ourselves, our children, and our students to make sure these are a priority instead of grades that is where the true change will happen.

I do think that classes in the logical mindset are important, but not anymore important than those that foster and grow creativity and passion. If you give any student the chance to do something they love (which could include math or reading if so inclined) they will be so much happier, and love learning that much more which is important!





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