I’ve Got the Power


I found out recently that I am an introvert. I had never looked at myself this way until I realized I got actual anxiety from having to approach people. It is weird because I am okay with public speaking unlike our wonderful speaker from the video above. The difference is having to approach a bunch of strangers, and being in big crowds.

After viewing the TED Talk from above it helped me realize everyone needs stimuli that works for them. As she says there are ½ or 1/3 of the population who are considered introverts. Since this is half of the world’s population it doesn’t make sense to force people to work as extroverts. She says that after doing some research they found, “introverts get better grades and are more knowledgeable.” I would argue this is because introverts take the time to reflect on what we are taught and turn it around. Which makes it confusing why most schools, and work places require people to work as extroverts, because it puts a damper on how half of the population works best.

My job has all employees take a top strengths test. My top strength is intellectual. In each strength is tells you how to best use the strength for working. One of the suggestions it gives for my top strength is to take time to be alone and think. As she says in the TED Talk, “Solitude matters.” She also says, “the 7 years it took for her to write a book were bliss because she was reading writing, and thinking, and researching.” Though my job is public speaking, and I love it, I prefer the other side of preparing for the presentation. I love research, and figuring out the best way to present the information I learned to other people. 

At the end she gives a list of things we need to start doing. The main one I think I need to listen to is unplugging from the world. I am not usually a nature person, but it is because of the bugs. I think it sounds nice to just unplug from the world and get away with my thoughts. Though sometimes overthinking things when I am alone is a problem for me. I often times have problems falling asleep because my mind is racing. This is a curse of the introverted mind I suppose. My husband is more of an extrovert, and shuts his mind down and falls asleep very quickly most nights. He has a hard time understanding my dilemma.

I took a semester off of school, and actually found myself missing it because I truly enjoy the learning of it. I enjoyed watching this TED Talk as it helped with learning more about myself, and how I can use my introvert ways to help those around me.



6 thoughts on “I’ve Got the Power

  1. I find that interesting that businesses are finding that letting people work as introverts allows them to be more successful than forcing them to be extroverts. I do feel however that when I was forced to be an extrovert when I was selling shoes made me much better at life than staying introverted would. I do think it’s funny that you found out you are an introvert, I feel like most of our generation is so you’ll be fine!


    1. I do think it is good to be out of your comfort zone sometimes as it does help build characteristics you wouldn’t have had before. With my job it’s something I have to work on monthly. But I do find I am much more productive working introvertedly!

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  2. I think it is a great idea to take a strength test. I have taken a strengths test before as well. It does not highlight just one but rather looks at your top five strengths and weaknesses. It is empowering to know what I am best at, and where my weaknesses are. To step out of your comfort zone is difficult and scary, but it allows for us to push our boundaries and broaden our comfort zones.


  3. I think that our society has been interchanging the words extroverted with outgoing and introverted with shy. Introverted/extroverted is simply where you get your energy from. Extroverted people get their energy from being around people and feel like their energy is being drained from being alone. Introverted on the other hand will cause you to get energy from being alone and feel like your energy is being drained from being with people. This doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen right away but you will notice it once you have a moment of peace. I think that understanding this makes figuring out your working style much, much easier.


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