Learning about Learning


PLNs are a very important resource that anyone from any background can find value in! A lot of people find it very valuable for the education field. I can definitely see taking stock in this for any future educators. It can help you get and stay connected with people who offer resources you may not have otherwise. I shared the above tweet to show that you can cater your PLN to your own needs. For me this happens to include a little writing humor!

Doing research on PLNs is a great way to start making your PLN, and deciding the best steps to take in order to make sure it is the best fit for you. The first steps I took towards making my PLN was thinking of what networks I want to be a part of. I personally love literature and writing so my decision was not difficult. A majority of who I ended up following are authors themselves who have tips for those who are starting out. Or just fun tidbits about their own works.

After making the decision of WHAT you want to follow it is time to find WHO to follow. This can be quite the challenge, but can lead to a whole new world you never knew existed. I discovered many authors, editor, and other resources for writing I would have never dreamed of! The other amazing part of all of this is how many of the people I followed, followed me back! Or their followers follow me. This is a wonderful feeling having people you don’t know feel like you have something of worth to say. It is one of the best feelings!

In my PLN, I am giving a lot of the people I followed the benefit of the doubt at first. The reason I say this is because I am sure they are wonderful people with wonderful things to say. But as of right now all, and I mean ALL, of what they are talking about is Trump. Not that politics aren’t important they just aren’t what I want for my PLN.

Though for myself I will be doing my best to feed my PLN with plenty of information, and facts about our area of shared learning interests. I think the most difficult part of feeding my PLN will be putting out information that is already out there. I don’t necessarily have all the time in the world to work on this stuff so I may be behind in some of the new information. So, I may get more use out of my PLN that those that follow me will! I am totally willing to share any resources if needed though!



4 thoughts on “Learning about Learning

  1. I think we all initially worry about the things we put out there, thinking: Is this really worthy?! But over time, we all get comfy with the ongoing stream of information. Followers will take what they want and leave the rest. I also have found myself using my Twitter account as bookmarker, of sorts. I’ll retweet my most important finds of the week just so I can easily come back to it later. I know, in the day and age of Evernote, Page, Pinterest, and browser bookmarks, WHY oh WHY would I use Twitter to save an article for myself?! I guess in the heat of the moment, anything can happen. lol


  2. I can see how using Twitter as a bookmark works though. As it helps you find the articles faster, but also feeds your PLN. I would also argue it’s easier to not get as distracted as with Pintrest. At least in my own personal life! But I’m glad to hear its okay to be unsure at first, and that it gets better!


  3. I think it is important for us to give everyone a chance to see if we like what they are talking about and if we don’t like it in the end, then we can follow someone else who might have things we are interested in. I also sound that a lot of the people that I was going to follow were posting about politics and I didn’t enjoy that either because it didn’t relate to my field.


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