Find the Time

My ILP seems to be going pretty well! There have been successes, and a few challenges along the way this week. Though with the creation of my PLN I was lucky enough to be able to finish that while also researching for my weekly ILP!

I find that putting time aside to write is helpful, but difficult. When you have a set schedule that barely fits in anything it seems selfish to set aside time for yourself, and writing. In my research I found the blog post, 4 Counter-Intuitive Benefits of Scheduling your Writing Time by Ali Luke. When I was younger it seemed like I would read, and write so much I would never stop. But as an adult it is so easy to shove aside all of these things that you enjoy doing. So, with the info from the blog, and sheer force of will I am going to make a schedule for writing time. This will be a big part of ensuring I meet the time requirement for my ILP.

In other news, I was finally able to dive into a couple of prompts this week! I really found it a struggle at first to jump straight into it, and write. So, I went to the flash fiction section of the prompt book I am using. Flash fiction gives you a word count to meet. I thought it would be helpful for me in just getting words on the paper.

I was half way through the prompt I was working on (which can be seen below), it was for 100 words. I was already at 140. Oops… This isn’t going to be as easy as I thought. So I re-wrote it. Took out a few sentences here, and there. Changed up the story like three times. I ended up with what you see below. Which is still 56 words over. You can see my discipline… Just kidding, though, I do think it would take away from the story if you take away too much. I think a little bend in the rules is okay.

This was super helpful as well in my worries with revision. Though it is still a rough draft, I had to read, and rework it like ten times. Which is difficult for me, so it was good to get in the practice. Enjoy my little flash fiction, and please feel free to drop any constructive criticism in the comments! It’s hard to grow when you don’t have help! Thanks in advance!

“54. [WC: 100] Inside a mental institution a man tries to explain how he is not crazy to the hospital psychiatrist. Is he successful? How does he do it?” (1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts).

“You know why you are in here?” Dr. Jennings asks with a slightly malicious grin. He knows exactly why I am in here, and it seems he enjoys this. “They tell me I killed people.” I whisper, not wanting to say it. Dr. Jennings throws gruesome pictures on the table, pictures I know all too well. They were used to convict me, but they were doctored, they had to be doctored. I scream with all I have, “I am not meant to be here!” I suppose it is hard to not go crazy when no one will believe your innocence. As the nurse walks me out I hear Dr. Jennings faintly talking with someone else, “I honestly don’t know how you can’t remember killing your wife, and kids.” My feet drag as the sedative kicks in, and all noise fades around me, but all I can think is, “I did what?”


Kinder, Ryan A. 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts. Ryan Andrew Kinder, 2014.


2 thoughts on “Find the Time

  1. Courtney, I agree that finding time to work on my ILP is hard. I have two hours set to meet with someone, but I can never seem to put in as much practice as I need. It’s definitely hard to make time for your interests when there is always so much homework to work on, but I think it is important to make time for yourself, for your ILP and for your other interests as well.
    Also, your story! It is so well written, and I just wanted to read more!


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