On the Daily

ds106. It looks like a code or something until you type it into Google and do a little research. ds106 is a class based out of the University of Mary Washington that can be taken by anyone online. The “ds” stands for digital storytelling. They created it to allow people to use digital resources to tell stories about their life. There are five different options for the daily creates they have accessible to anyone with a computer. There is photography, writing, video, audio, and drawing.

The daily creates are made by students, teachers, or anyone who wishes to put in a suggestion! I think this makes the daily creates even more interesting because they are made by people just like you and me! They also make sure to include resources for how to do the creates in case someone needs a little extra instruction. This allows for anyone and everyone to do the daily creates!

For the class I am enrolled in through CSC we have an assignment to do 30 consecutive days of the daily creates. We have to make sure to utilize all five types, and share them on our blogs or Twitter depending on what it is! I am a little nervous about actually remembering to do one everyday, but I am also excited to create something everyday! I truly hope to keep doing them after the 30 days are up!

I have always enjoyed being creative. Normally the creativity flows through me in writing or drawing (though I am not any good). I tried photography once, and it was okay though I never was able to get it to look just right. The audio and video are definitely going to be my challenges for these 30 days. I haven’t had to do much with either of them so we will see how it goes!

Below is a Daily Create made by one of my classmates! We are both into English so I thoroughly enjoyed her use of poets for the daily create! You were supposed to take a picture of someone famous, take a quote from someone else famous but related, and give credit to the quote from yet another famous related person! I do think I will be doing this for one of my daily creates because it looks like its easy and fun. I can think of a lot of options to use for the related famous people to quote!

In case anyone is interested in where to find all this cool stuff look on ds106.us  for more information on the class, or just the daily creates! Hopefully it can get some creativity going! Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “On the Daily

  1. Courtney, I had the same initial reaction to ds106 and thought it would be way beyond my technological knowledge level. But it was surprisingly simple! I’m also really excited about the Daily Create Challenge but nervous I will forget a day! Since I started, I have put sticky notes around my room, put reminders in my phone, and wrote it throughout my calendar. Hopefully that will help me remember!


  2. I love how you added a tweet about the daily create! I think it makes people think and want to learn more about what the daily create is all about and if they are all that wacky (most of them are!) I definitely was scared about missing a day too so I set an alarm on my phone and if I haven’t done it by then that day that’s when I have to do it! Good luck with your daily creates and great post!


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