Do the Write Thing

I’m not going to lie, this week was a struggle with my ILP. I had little to no motivation and felt like my creativity was on hold after a long week of being sick. But come hell or high water, I want a good grade, so I pushed through it.

I think it is good to talk about writer’s block and how often it can happen even if you are in a push to get something done. I would even argue the time constraint makes it worse. Even when you love to write there are days when it is the bane of your existence.

I decided to really push scheduled writing for myself these last few days in order to reach the time expected, and to make sure it got done. I set up to do a half hour each night before bed. That shouldn’t be too hard right? Wrong.

The first two nights were really a struggle. It was one of those times you write a sentence and just stare at it. I know you aren’t supposed to do that. You’re supposed to just write and keep writing. Editing comes later, but sometimes it feels like you can’t get the story right without getting the first few sentences just right.

I had never really looked at writer’s block as much before. In all reality I normally just gave up on my writing until I have a new idea to work on. I have a lot of unfinished pieces from not knowing how to finish them. I am hoping that by continuing to push through and writing each night will help.

One thing I also decided to do to help myself learn and grow is sign up for Word of the Day with Everyday when I get the word through email I copy and paste the word and definition into a document. I then write a sentence using the word to put it in my mind.

Growing vocabulary helps in everyday life, but especially as a writer! I have learned words that Microsoft doesn’t consider words! It has been interesting to learn even more words than I already knew. As I have mentioned on Twitter I am normally very verbose, and love to learn new words so this seemed a no brainier!

I don’t really have much to share this week, but I hope to share something with you all next week! I like to have enough to make it interesting, and make sense before I share!



2 thoughts on “Do the Write Thing

  1. I like how you mention that sometimes you feel like if the first two sentences are not right the rest isn’t. I think we all can relate to that, or at least I can. Even when writing a paper for class if I don’t get introduction right, I can’t write the rest of my essay. I love that you love to learn new words, that is something I need to start doing.


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