I had taken a class similar to this one before from CSC. It was Adolescent Lit, and it had the same format as this class including blog, and Twitter. Due to this I was able to know somewhat what to expect from the assignments and grading. Though as it pertains to learning I am not 100% sure what I expected to get out of the class.

When I hear the title “Literacy in the Digital Age” I honestly thought it would be about keeping students literate in English as the digital age brings about text lingo and the like. I was pleasantly surprised that it was more about keeping people, especially teachers, up to date on all things technology. I personally took the class because of the ENG tag. Though in my opinion it should be more EDUC as the class leans more towards teachers.

Though I am not planning to be a teacher anymore I have learned a lot of useful information in this class. I was able to make a PLN that is set more to me as a writer which will be useful in the future! The PLN was the most difficult module in my opinion because of all the work that went along with it in finding 100 people to follow on Twitter. Though it was worth while, finding that many people who had something to say was hard!

As for the most interesting module I enjoyed the week we worked on ds106. I love being creative so having that outlet to help me be a little creative everyday is awesome! I also enjoyed the TED Talk that came with that module, 30 Days TED Talk. I think it is important to start new, healthy habits. I hope to continue going with The Daily create with ds106 after the 30 days for class are up!

As for the next half of the semester I know I will learn a lot more about digital literacy I have never heard of before. I look forward to learning new tech that can be used in many parts of my life. If I ever do decide to become a teacher all that I learned this semester will be very valuable to me and my students.

I have enjoyed this online class more than any other. I think it is one of the only classes that really works online because of the freedom brought with the assignments. Especially as they all deal with the internet anyways! I can’t wait to learn more about how the internet can be used beyond Facebook, and how I can keep on learning Dig Lit after the class ends!




2 thoughts on “Midterm!

  1. It’s comforting when I hear that the course has already been proven useful in the first 8 weeks. There’s a lot of set-up in the first half of the semester, but I really believe digital literacy is helpful in a wide variety of fields. We focus this class primarily on education since it was a required course for future teachers. But with the ILP and PLN, it can pretty easily be re-focused on a variety of topics. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a great second 8 weeks! 🙂


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