What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? The answer is a lot. In the age of technology it is smart to Google yourself every now and then just to make sure there is nothing up that shouldn’t be. Schools, employers, and even random people (such as pervs, potential dates, or soon to be in-laws) can Google you to find out anything they possibly can.

Every site has privacy settings, but those who have access to your accounts can do whatever they wish with your information. There is a video that shows a man who befriends teens on Facebook what all he finds with their account info… 6 Clicks Video. It is a little goofy and played out, but the information is good!

I googled myself just to see what others can see. I used all combinations of my name. “Courtney Haywood” came up with a bunch of others with the same name, and with more searching through these the only place I found myself was Google Images. There are 2 photos, both of which were my Twitter profile pictures.

When I searched my maiden name it came up with a few pics from my high schools speech, and journalism teams. Nothing too exciting. I did a combination of both names and using my middle name, and only came up with my Facebook link (where I have Privacy set to high) and 2 reviews for my hair salon and gym.

I was curious about my Twitter tag, so after I searched it I did get the link to that, but also all of my blog posts from school. So, I would argue I am mostly boring, and secure with what I allow on the internet! Everything I post for school is appropriate, and you have to have my Twitter tag to find it.

As I mentioned above anything you post to your sites, even with privacy on, allows those who are  friends to use any of it. You can go on Facebook and save pictures of people online. You can also sometimes see your friends-friends updates. Depending on what they are sharing it could be detrimental to them later on.

I am pretty lucky to have been taught to be safe online, and not post anything I wouldn’t want out there. I honestly don’t worry about what my employer or anyone else will see when they look me up!  I do have a digital footprint, but it is as I said before very tame, and besides Facebook the only reason I have images, and anything else is due to school. I’d call that a success!



4 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. I agree, I think we should google ourselves every once in a while to make sure nothing bad is up. I think I had the same results as you and it is such a relief to see nothing bad is up. Not that I do anything bad, but you know the fear is still there haha. I was also taught to be safe on Facebook so all my stuff is blocked and I don’t think I have the year I was born on there either or my specific location. I’ve never had any problems but better safe than sorry.


  2. Courtney,
    I also find myself looking up new people I meet or work with to find a little bit about their background, whether it be on google or Facebook. I personally think it’s a good idea to do so because now days social media can tell a lot about a persons true self. You mentioned at the end how you were glad little came up on google when you did some research on yourself thanks to being taught about being safe online, and I completely agree. Whenever I google myself, little pops up unless it’s about school or sporting results. I hope we can teach our students to be the same when they are using technology.
    Take care!


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