If you’re reading this…

You’re a digital citizen! Congratulations! This means we are all in charge of our digital citizenship, and for those of you who don’t know what I am talking about watch this video…

Digital Citizenship has become a part of everyday life for a majority of people in the United States. Though the sad fact of this is a lot of people have become desensitized to how they should act when talking with other human beings even if it isn’t face to face. They are behind a screen, and have a pretty good chance of never seeing the person so why not say everything you’re thinking.

Image result for picture beyonce wants removed from internet

This is a very flawed concept though, because what you put on the internet doesn’t go away. No matter who you are. Beyonce had her lawyers try to delete the following picture from the internet. Even with all her money and power as you can see I still found the picture by literally Googling, “Picture Beyonce wants removed from the internet” it even pops up with a drop down option!

Image result for picture beyonce wants removed from internet

The point of all of this is to show that nothing you do disappears. I have heard many people joke about their great-granddaughters being able to see all of your tweets, and Instagram selfies. While our generation just gets old photos you hope to not lose! Though the amount of people who don’t have their privacy turned on amazes me! Some people are going to be able to see stuff you may not want everyone to see. That is just how the internet goes. It can only be so secure.

This is important to keep in mind as many jobs, colleges, and just random people have the access to get a lot of your information. If you look at how you act online will jobs or colleges want you? If not you may want to start cleaning up!

A quick switch in gears back to my first point. People say horrible things through technology because they can.  Cyber-bullying is real, and there unfortunately not a lot that can be done about it. I believe wholly in prevention, but unfortunately until prevention is possible there are certain things people can do to protect themselves from those who find courage behind their screens. I read a great article on how you can deal with Digital Cruelty. Though what they suggest is easier said than done!

I hope this was helpful for some, and all I can say to send you away with is to please check your privacy settings for all accounts, and be good people. It really is simple I promise!!



6 thoughts on “If you’re reading this…

  1. I think you were able to provide great information on digital citizenship. I remember the ordeal of the picture of Beyonce and how she tried to get it removed, but no matter how hard she tried it still showed up. As you pointed this is a great lesson for anyone about once something is posted online it will always be online no matter how hard you try to remove it.


  2. Love all of your pictures and other information you added to emphasize your points! I think you totally nailed a lot of what digital citizenship is about. One think that stuck out to me a lot was your comment about great-great-granddaughters, thinking about them finding something embarrassing about you would not be cool and their opinions about you may change. You don’t want something stupid to be your legacy! Awesome post!


  3. I just want to start of by saying that your pictures you posted made me laugh. I like the approach you took while writing this. I like how you were creative, yet had so many great points. Just loved your post overall. Keep up the good work!


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