Show and Tell

Working a full time job, going to school, being married, and having a teen living with you doesn’t leave much time for fun. I used to have a book with me every where I went. I have read 2 books for pleasure in the last 6 months. I don’t know if I can fully explain how sad that makes me, or how thrilling it was to read a book yesterday for fun. Though I am also calling it research for my ILP! The book was Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. It is part of a 5 book series, and I cannot wait to start on book 2!

In order to remember why I write I need to remember why people read. Though it isn’t always for pleasure, (especially as a student) books can move people. They can pull you into their world, and hours can go by. Finishing a book or a series can truly change your life even if you don’t notice it. Through writing you have the chance to connect people who would have no other reason to be connected. There is power in the written word.

I love when I am reading and something happens in the book and my heart leaps to my chest, or when a character you love dies and it can bring you to tears. I saw a quote recently, “Reading is just staring at a dead piece of tree for hours and hallucinating.”-Unknown. Though it is funny, and slightly exaggerated, it is true. There is power in the pages that can make a book take you so much farther than a movie ever could. If it is done right, of course. Which leads me to my topic of this blog post. Showing not telling.

I think way too much about showing and not telling. This can sometimes make my job in writing hard. In a normal day we don’t talk or write to show something, or paint a picture. We usually are just trying to get a point across. It takes me a lot of time and effort to make sure I am not telling in a story. This time I forced myself to just write, and not think about it. I wrote my little heart out without stopping. This helped me get a lot farther than I have in a long time since I wasn’t thinking about anything but the story I was trying to tell.

I talk about editing in all of my ILP blogs, but it is something I was wanting to work on this semester. By writing through the story first it gave me the chance to not only edit for grammar, but for making sure to show the story through my words as well. Sometimes I still have to question whether I am showing vs. telling. I look up examples and it helps get me out of my head instead of over thinking it. One site that is a big help is Creative Writing 101 it gives many examples, and has extra tips when needed.

Writing is meant to be soothing, and not a chore so I don’t know why I make it one. I’m excited to work on something new next week!




13 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. A writer! How amazingly short this world is in people who are encouraged by books! I myself, tend to be the writer and not the reader. I can literally sit and type an entire fictional story without ever thinking twice about its content. However, unless a book grabs my attention in the first chapter, I shut it and never look back. Writing is a difficult task! Believe in the power of your heart knowing what to say.


    1. I learned long ago it can take pages before I get into a book, but usually am glad I did! I love to write, but always feel as though my writing pales in comparison to other books. Glad to hear from a fellow writer so I know I’m not alone!


  2. I think that your ILP is so fun! I’m glad that you has some personal time to do what you like to do. I think that creative reading and writing is important. I have found that the less I stress about what I’m writing the more it flows. I sometimes forget that during writing, the author is actually talking while the reader interprets the thoughts. I find that as I write if I don’t look at the work as a conversation then my words become mechanical. I think that blogging this semester has really helped my writing abilities, as well as taught me to enjoy reading non-famous authors thoughts. Congrats on your day off!


    1. Thanks I have really been enjoying it! And it seems most people have to do things a little differently, but thankfully we all get to the same place! Blogging has helped too because it is constant every week!!


  3. I never really thought about comparing reading to writing and vice versa, but I think that’s the great thing about blogging. I am learning so much new stuff from reading everyone’s ILP blogs even if it’s not something that particularity relates to me! I hope someday I can do some sort of independent learning project with my students someday too. Would you?


    1. Though I’m not planning to be a teacher I think it is a great idea. You’d be able to see what interests your students and allow them to grow in something the love while teaching them how to learn on their own!


  4. I can really relate to your reading dilemma, I’ve only read three books since the beginning of Christmas break, and I’m dying to read another. I also really liked your comparison of reading and writing. I just got done reading “On Writing” by Stephen King, and he discusses how writers must read to be good writers! If you haven’t read it, I definitely suggest it! 🙂


    1. I will have to look into that book! But anything telling me to read more is fine by me! I started the second book today which isn’t good for my other class I am in, but I’m willing to make sacrifices 😀 I do suggest the series I am reading that I mention in here! It’s a good quick read!

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  5. This is a great post! Writing should not take any thought. What I was taught is that we are supposed to write whatever thoughts come to our head. The pencil should never stop moving and our fingers should never stop typing. The cool thing about writing is that no matter what you say it is a piece of art because it is original and personal. Nobody will ever have the same things to say as you do when you just write or type what ever it is that first comes to you. Do not overthink writing. It is meant to be easy because we can say anything that we want to. It will always be a work of art.


  6. Courtney,
    I relate to your post in more ways than one. Although I do not have a teenager, I do understand having a full time job/school and not having any time to read for pleasure. Reading is one of my favorite things to do in my free time because like you mentioned it takes you to other places and can move you in so many different ways. I think that it’s great that you love to write as well, I would love to read some of your work sometime!


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