Be an Activist

Digital activism was a new term for me! I have participated in, and shared digital activism plenty of times since I began my digital citizenship. I just didn’t have a name for it. There are many things that go into the idea of digital activism: petitions, funding, blogs, tweeting to spread knowledge of a subject.

Activism online can be a huge relief to someone because anyone can join in no matter their circumstance, and you can see how you are really helping! “With an estimated two in five young adults engaging with social issues online, we’ve entered into the age of digital activism, where grassroots movements are created through tweets, reblogs, likes, and status updates.” TeenVogue even did a story on it where I pulled this quote.

I have shared/commented on plenty of articles about domestic violence, sexual assault, consent, human trafficking from my job’s Facebook page. These are topics that need talked about, shared, and information spread all around. Anytime I can help push the agenda towards a DV free world I am going to do it!

I have signed a couple of petitions, one being Bring Back Brendan Fraser. They are super close to their goal! “In early 2013, Fraser petitioned the courts for a reduction of his alimony, asserting he was unable to meet the annual obligation of $900,000.” Taken from the page. It may seem silly, but they only need a little over 5,000 signatures to reach 50,000. That just proves one signature and a share can reach thousands of people. This petition started in Australia! If you wanted to take some time to sign and get them closer to their goal it would be awesome, and maybe a good first step towards digital activism!

As for all of the teenagers out there who are selflessly utilizing the social media at their fingertips to help out others who are dealing with issues amaze me. As a teenager it was hard to see past my own problems to even think about helping others. They actually give away awards each year to kids who are doing something with digital activism. Teen Activist Finalists all are doing something bigger.

A lot of them are dealing with bullying, suicide, and other issues teens face. I think having another teen there for them during this time is great! Another great side to it being online is they get to stay anonymous if they want to! Sometimes knowing the person doesn’t know it is you may make it easier to talk, and that can really help someone out, but doesn’t give them the okay to bully anyone themselves!

What I leave you with today: Go be an activist either in person or online. These issues are your issues. There are 13 year olds doing more with digital activism than a lot of people who are older and capable. It doesn’t take long, and you can find many different causes to become a part of! Enjoy searching, and feeling like you’re making a difference, because you are!



2 thoughts on “Be an Activist

  1. I find it amazing that if you have a social media account that you can be part of digital activism. I feel like sifting through the fact and crap of the activism will be the talent of successful activists.


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