The black strikes the heart like an assassin of the night. The mind numbly follows, submerged into an icy black lake. The attack swift; an ambush. The hollowness inside unable to fight back. The body completely useless as the inklike ice continues twining its way around the soul. Until there is nothing left. The resemblance of a human now a husk, a shell. The cure offered is only temporary. The light back long enough to remind what has been lost beckoning the black to pierce the heart yet again. Sometimes the cycle of it is too much to bear. The black beyond calling to its mate now nestled in the diminishing soul. 

This week for my ILP I decided to do a little poetry. I find poetry interesting. Rules to follow and yet, nothing is off limits. Though I enjoy rhyming, and parallel verses I very much enjoy writing in free verse. It also may be a little cliche, but it allows you to write freely without having to think too much about it. Because it is telling a story of its own without needing an actual beginning middle, and end. Poems are also often times left to the reader for interpretation. This can either be riveting for a reader, or it can drive them nuts depending on personality.

Each day I chose to write something a little different. I tried working with alliteration a little bit in this poem. Though I never had a sentence full of it I tried to incorporate “b” a lot as it is a harsh sounding vowel that helps set the tone brought on by the poem. I chose free verse for this poem for that reason as well. It sets the tone, and I wanted it to flow through on it’s own. Not allowing the reader any real breaks that would have been brought on by lines instead of sentences.

It is a little nerve wracking every time I put out something I wrote for the scrutiny of others. I am normally able to take criticism okay, but as we have been talking about in Dig. Literacy people are a little more free with their thoughts through the keyboard than they would be in person. I would love to hear opinions though in order to grow as a writer you have to be willing to hear what people have to say instead of sitting and wondering. I would like to say I am curious to see what people think of the poem, whether it is what you think it is about or any comments!



4 thoughts on “IMHO

  1. Courtney,
    That was wonderful! I LOVE poetry and appreciate it so much. I think you have great talent, and should definitely keep sharing it. Whenever I try to write a poem (notice how I say try) I usually don’t pick out a certain one to write or try to add any English components, I just free write. That is my favorite kind, that way I don’t have to follow any rules! I think it’s great how you are experimenting with different elements, that makes a really great writer. I am excited to see what else you come up with!


  2. Courtney,
    I am so glad that you decided to share a little something that you wrote. I just want to let you know that I think it was absolutely AMAZING! I love how descriptive your writing is, it truly made imagery pop in my head. I think it’s amazing that you can write this well, I have always wanted to but it is just not my gift. Thank you for sharing your work, I really enjoyed it!


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