Tell me a story…

Podcasts and Digital Storytelling are both interesting in their own right. I personally prefer Digital Storytelling because it is like a colorful informative movie done in many different mediums. Even the ones that may have mono-toned voices I was able to pay more attention to than to the podcast that ranked at the top last year, Serial. This unit was eye opening for me. I knew I didn’t like podcasts, and never really think about them because of that. It was interesting to see how many ways that podcasts and digital storytelling can be useful in and out of the classroom!

The differences in voices throughout both the podcasts, and ds I think would keep most students interested than if it was just a single voice. Podcasts are able to paint pictures with their voice inflections which isn’t an easy task. Its as if you’re watching tv, but the screen won’t turn on. This can be a big asset to students who learn in a more audible way than those who learn visually. Digital stories are also an asset because it is in the language of students and their technology. They can utilize their own personal knowledge to tell a story without having to write it down. This could make a huge difference to students. Here is a link to a great article that gives great ideas for utilizing DS in the classroom- Teacher’s Guide to Digital Storytelling,

Using podcasts and digital storytelling in the classroom for tools can be an asset to both the students and teachers. If I were to be a teacher I think I would utilize them more in a creating option than listening. Letting the students have these as options for homework can help them learn beyond what they may in a book.

The few disadvantages I can see lie in the fact there are a bunch of people who don’t learn the same way. Making sure to offer different types of learning is something that will help a classroom. It also can be a disadvantage depending how much extra time a teacher has to take in order to get their lesson plan done.

My biggest take away from this whole unit is that podcasts are not all completely boring mono-toned scientists talking about their findings. Though I still do not feel a connection to them, and know for a fact I will probably not touch one again, I do see their use for others, and think it can be a huge asset when done the correct way.



6 thoughts on “Tell me a story…

  1. Courtney,
    I loved your post and agree with it completely! Digital stories I would chose before podcasts, but like you said I think these are more difficult to use when trying to meet all the different learning styles students need to learn best. I’m sure there is some way to use them and use all the different learning styles but I’m just not sure what that would be. I personally think I need to spend more time exploring different ways to use them especially with lower elementary students. Let me know if you have any ideas!
    Bailey 🙂


  2. Courtney,
    I hadn’t thought about the multiple voices in a podcast or digital story making a difference in how it is received by the students, but I definitely can see that now that you say it. Personally, I prefer podcasts over digital storytelling, but that definitely doesn’t mean that it is for everyone. Students in our classrooms learn differently and incorporating both of these in lessons where they fit well can be useful!!


  3. I agree with you. I personally like digital story making a lot more then podcast. But I liked how you gave examples, like a podcast is like watching tv without actually watching it. They way you say it makes it sound so interesting, when personally I do not find it that interesting. Great post!


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