Writing my ILP.png

I’m going to start off this blog post by explaining the above graphic, and then move into its creation. When thinking of my ILP, and what I could share in a graphic format I thought simple is better. I didn’t want to fit too much into a small graphic, but wanted to get across a point about what my ILP is to me. I also thought keeping it shorter made it a little more poetic, and poised!

I put up the picture of the books to signify all of the stories and ideas I started during my ILP. I then chose the notebook lined background because that is where all of the good ideas start from. I then put “Writing my ILP” because that is what my title of my ILP has been since the beginning. Then the “Practice Makes Perfect” is about how many times I wrote something, and had to edit the crap out of it. Though in my opinion it is near impossible to practice writing enough to be perfect at it in any circumstance. This is my quick explanation of the graphic for my ILP.

This week for class we were looking at different tools that can be used that aren’t the normal ones introduced in classes. I chose to use Canva as my resource for the graphic this week. It looked simple to use, but had multiple options for putting it to use. I also created a book cover/poster thing on it. It does a walk through right when you get on to ensure you understand how to use it, and with a little extra looking around and playing with it I figured out a majority of its tools.

They start you out with simple layouts that allow you to switch out for your own information, but have a template for you to follow for the look you’re going for! For this graphic, I searched their pictures, and found the books which I really liked for the theme and color scheme. I then looked at the font options, and chose the two different ones that looked good. I then went to background options until I found the notebook paper! It really was as simple as that!

My biggest challenge for creating the graphic was getting the sizing of the text to look okay. I had originally chose a different font for the bottom text, but it wouldn’t line up properly no matter what I did so I ended up just choosing a different one. Besides that I found my way around with ease!

Canva would be a great asset to any classroom. As I have said, it is simple to use. Especially, for anyone who has a normal amount of digital literacy. If you had students who were good with tech doing this in a classroom it would be super easy and beneficial! Teachers could use it to make handouts, and other important sheets more interesting. Students could use it for presentations, or maybe teachers could make it a fun homework assignment for the students! I would recommend it to my teacher friends for sure!

These graphics allow more color, and easy navigating that Word cannot offer to some. They can be manipulated to fit different classes as well. They will maybe be more eye catching for students. There is definitely value in utilizing these in teaching!



6 thoughts on “Canva-ing

  1. I like your poster! The picture really catches my attention and then brought me towards the big and bold words. The words were short and sweet, and that made me want to read it. If it were smaller words that had a long description I would not be inclined to read it. Great poster!



  2. Courtney, I LOVED your graphic, and it fits your ILP extremely well! I also think Canva would be a great tool to use in the classroom. It is relatively easy to use, and students can just let their creativity loose! Would you have liked an assignment involving Canva in high school?


  3. I like that you initiated the idea of how a teacher could use Canva in the classroom. I think that this would be a fin digital tool to create instructions pamphlets and such. I think that your poster design was very nice, the font choice was actually one of the most appealing parts for me. What kind of assignment do you see yourself using this for in the future?


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