La Fin

My ILP was a bit of a bumpy ride for me. Though it is something I enjoy it certainly wasn’t easy. It has been quite the last two months working with things out of my comfort zone! I came out better on the other side than when I started so I call that a success!

From doing my Independent Learning Project I learned a few things. The first is how I learn. I am a visual learner. Going and looking for blogs, or tweets with writing tips was a huge help and asset to me during the time of my ILP. Getting advice on editing, and just little things like “How to write a memorable last line” or “Are death scenes worth it?” type of questions were little diamonds in the rough to hold onto as I continue down my journey of learning and writing!

The second is how much I enjoy writing. I have always been a writer, and a story teller. It wasn’t hard to pick my topic for my ILP. Working on it alone helped me know it is a true passion I have. Which is good as I have a writing Independent Study this summer, and two creative writing classes in the Fall. If I didn’t like writing I would be miserable!

The third is I make a horrible learner on my own when it is for a grade. I love learning on my own, and do my work for class. Mixing them together…not so much. It was hard to set aside time each week to ensure I was getting the right amount done so it wasn’t as unrestricted as what I am used to. Not an excuse, just an observation! It was good to learn that about myself!

My ILP was challenging some weeks like when I was working on editing my pieces, or just the weeks when I couldn’t find the motivation or the words to say to make the story work. Then other weeks it would just flow, and I would find that peace that comes with accomplishment!

The best part of the project was to be able to work on something for myself. All school is for me I know, but to choose my own thing to set to work on, and then be “forced” to do it for the grade was cool even if I struggled some weeks! Though it was like when teachers let you pick your own topics for an essay and since it can be something you’re passionate about you won’t struggle with the content. That I think was nice!

I am not on the track to being a teacher, but if I was I would probably use ILP’s. They are a strong way to have a teacher guiding you with how you learn not what you learn. I think that can be very beneficial for students in the long run as they grow older, and have to learn to do more and more on their own anyways.

This was a great assignment, and would love for more classes to incorporate something like this!



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