Here is my Digital Story of being a learner! I didn’t realize how much of a lisp I can get… but I hope you all enjoy, and cheers!

Photo Credits from my video all taken from Flickr: astrid westvang , Michael Cheng, Michael Cheng, Robert Taddeo, my own, Travis Olbrich, My own, Sandra, TomaZ Strolfe, Sean MacEntee



4 thoughts on “#ridethatplane

  1. Courtney, I love your digital story and your metaphor! I think that you were able to find great similarities of how education and riding a plane can relate to the same thing. I especially like how you brought up that everyone’s flight distance can be different. This is an awesome digital story!


  2. Courtney, I really enjoyed watching your video. Everyone did such a nice job with their videos. You got really creative and I love that. This is probably one of my favorites though!


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