New is Better.

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According to, innovate is a verb that means “to introduce something new; make changes in anything established.” Verbs are actions in a sentence. Your learning should be active, and moving. Innovative learning is not sitting back in a classroom continuing on the way things have been. This semester I have had the opportunity to be an innovative learner.

I have actively been learning new things that completely go against everything I have always known. This module is important, but uncomfortable. It forces us to look at how things are, and that there are changes that need to be made. These changes cannot be made without the innovation of teachers and students who want the best for themselves and the following generation. I now can move forward with this information and look at everything in a new light.

A point made by George Couros in his post, The Mindset of an Innovator, “I actively reflect on my learning, as I know looking back is crucial to moving forward.” This is solid advice for anyone and everyone. How can you move forward without building onto what you have already learned. Whether to prove yourself right or wrong. You come out stronger on the other side.

School is hard for some because it is the same for everyone at all times. No students are allowed to grow in their own learning because it doesn’t fit into the box that the curriculum expects. According to Will Richardson’s post, The Steep Unlearning Curve, “We need to unlearn the idea that every student needs to learn the same content when really what they need to learn is how to self-direct their own learning.”

Before any of us entered into school at the age of 4 or 5 we were learning every day. How to talk, how to walk, how to properly formulate sentences. We all did it at our own pace too. Some kids aren’t potty trained until they are 4 while others are trained by a year and a half. Each kid learns at their own pace when they are ready. None of these things can or should be forced on a child. So why do we do it when they are in school, and not only that, but scold those students who aren’t up to pace with others. While also holding back those who are ready to go farther.

This ideal seems counter-intuitive to me. We are so scared that our kids won’t catch up, but if we allow them to take on their own learning they will get there one day, and be much happier. It also would give them more of a chance to know what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Not just what they don’t want to do. Sending kids out at 18 all having the same classes doesn’t give them much of an option to decide for themselves what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Self-learning offers more trial and error than traditional school offers.

If we all become more innovative for ourselves and our kids we would be doing the world a favor.



4 thoughts on “New is Better.

  1. Courtney,
    You made so many awesome points that I completely agree with! I wish more people would realize that there is a hug reason children struggle in school as well as don’t even like to go to school and that being it’s not interesting to them! You mentioned how students are expected to fit inside a box of what the curriculum meets. Although we want out students to get there we need to lay back on the pressure so much and let the children actually learn the material rather than have them just temporarily memorize it for a test. Self- learning to me sounds like a great route! Hopefully someday more people will notice the problems like we do and it will be enough to finally make a change!


  2. Courtney,
    It is really sad that so many people see an issue with education right now, but nothing is being done! You made a lot of really great points, and I agree with every single one of the. All students should not be expected to do the same thing all of the time, how is that learning? Thank you for sharing,
    good post. 🙂


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